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the Story of Little Lids

"My dad, a true Kerryman, came to America with only two things: a bag over his shoulder and an Irish scally cap on his head."


Hi, I’m Kerry and this is my website.  I am the founder of Little Lids, Boston’s original scally cap for little lads.  If you are not familiar with what a “scally” cap is, it’s a flat cap, ivy, newsboy, cabbie, golf or paddy cap.  This cap goes by many different names but scally cap is the name we use here in the big, small city of Boston.  

The idea to create a brand of children’s vintage wool tweed caps came out of my love for the scally cap and a gap in the market.  Growing up my brothers, uncles, cousins, friends and of course, my dad, always wore a scally cap.  My father, a true Kerryman, left Ireland and traveled to Boston as a young lad to pursue the American dream.  Taking only two things with him, a bag over his shoulder and the Irish scally cap on his head.  

When my baby boy was born I know I wanted him to have a cap just like my dads.  Searching all over Boston and the internet, I could not find one.  Nobody was making them or if they were, they were not very good quality.  And the story goes – Little Lids was born. 

Our Little Lids are true replica’s of the one’s worn by the hard working Irish/English immigrants.  Brilliantly made with 100% pure wool and lined with 100% comfy cotton.  A little Boston luck and a drop of Irish magic is sewn into each cap.  Our caps are handed down from one child to the next or tucked away as a childhood treasure.  Little Lids scally caps have been sold to friends from all over the world (over 25 countries) and I stand behind each and every one.  

I hope you fall in love with Little Lids as much as I have.  

Honestly, there’s something special about a boy in a cap.




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