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Aussie Bush Hat

Go on a safari or crocodile hunt in this tan children's canvas Australian bush hat.

A great sun protection hat for your little one.

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The canvas design of the Aussie is an excellent example of a hat that protects your little one from the sun, rain and wind. The crown is 4"high and the brim is 2 3/4".
Equipped with a braided chin cord with toggle.  

It has side snaps on both sides.  Usually, the left side is snapped up for the true Aussie Style.  

The outback hat is generally referred to as Australia's version of the cowboy hat.  

Great summer hat for the little adventurous lad

Three Children's Sizes:

small - 53 cms. (on average fits children from 2-4 years)

med - 55 cms. (fits chidren 4-6 years)

large - 57 cms. (fits 6- young adult)

Aussie Bush Hat

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