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  Size Guide for Little Lids Scally Caps

Because babies and children come in all shapes and sizes and their heads grow rapidly in the first couple of years, our sizing chart in meant to be a guideline only.  Sizing should be adjusted accordingly if your child is smaller or larger than average.  

Little Lids Sizing Chart

The smaller measurement refers to the head circumference when the cap is un-stretched, and the larger measurement refers to the circumference of the cap with the elastic fully stretched.  The caps overlap in sizes to ensure a good fit.  



It may be hard to get your little one to sit still for a measurement.  I would suggest candy or their favorite toy.  Wrap a tape measure around your child's head.  Measure around the widest part of the head going just above the eyebrows and over the hair.  Insert your index finger inside the tape measure (allowing extra room for growth).  Do not pull the tape tight.  We generously size our Little Lids caps on the big side.  No need to size up.  If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a string or piece of ribbon, then measure it against a ruler.  You can use the measurements from your child's last doctors appointment.

Read the measurement in centimeters and compare it with the size chart.  If you are unable to measure your child's head, we recommend that you order the age appropriate size.   

If you need any help, please give us a call (1.888.277.8302). We would love to help you.   


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