Red Stewart 100% Irish Wool Scarf


100% Irish Lambswool Tartan Scarf – Red Stewart – Made in Ireland

The Red Stewart once only permitted to be worn by the Queen herself, this historically royal tartan is gorgeously rich.  On a base of ruby red, Stewart Royal features a pattern of greens, blues, blacks, yellows and white.   Something very special with lots of tradition in this scarf.



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The Red Stewart tartan that adorns this scarf is made using the finest lambswool.  It’s luxuriously soft, non-itchy and will keep you warm+cosy this winter and being handwoven in Ireland makes the scarf a perfect gift straight from Ireland.  Lambswool is soft and gentle to the skin as it is hypoallergenic and contains a natural moisturizer, lanolin.

Fabric:  100% Lambswool
Color:    Red Stewart Tartan
* Measurements:    30 x 150 cm / 12 x 60 inches with 3 inch fringes
* Care:     Spot Clean or Dry Clean

Product of Ireland – Made in Co. Tipperary, Ireland by John Hanly & Sons, an Irish weaver, family-owned company for three centuries.